Who is Genevieve Jones???

That is the question many people have asked in the last couple of years. To some it seems she just appeared out of nowhere, but in all actuality she was a normal young girl who had big dreams and realized it would take New York to make her into the women she wanted to be. Over the last couple of years several articles have been written about Ms. Jones, but they were colorful at-least to say. Individuals compared her to Paris Hilton, but she is NOTHING like Ms. Hilton. (Remember Paris doesn't do anything but party & make racist slurs) Also, there have been the racist comments & articles that appear every once in awhile about Genevieve. When will America get over being racist and united as one like we are suppose to do. But I digress, the reason I am writing about her is a dear friend said I am the next "Genevieve Jones" and that is a FABULOUS complement to receive. She in body's everything I am trying to reach in the next couple years. I just wanted to tact on ubber fabulous stylist & publicist to my resume and everything will be fine. Well, below I found a couple great articles on her and a style file by one the great fashion blogger's Claire. So, go Google her & be enchanted by a real role model not a Paris or Heidi or Lauren.... Oh and if your wondering the best way to classify Ms. Jones is Fashion Consultant.

Style has a photo gallery of her great style