Needing, Wanting & Obsessing over....

I am always shopping thus making me thinking I need something that I just really want and the wanting to turns into obsessing over something... So here are my picks for needing, wanting & obsessing.


Tim Gunn said that every women needs 10 basic in their wardrobe. And the blazer is one of those pieces. I currently only have one and I would like to add a couple more. Here is one from Malene Birger (303-333-8686) & L.A.M.B

WantingI am learning to express my girlier side and thus making want to stop wear jeans as often as I do. I do look cute in them though. I have over a 100 pair. I know kinda ridiculous, but KLS has 500 so I don't feel so bad. But its spring and summer right around the corner and Texas heat is no joke so more dresses please. You can get this looks at Forever 21, Neiman Marcus & Michael Kors. Remember patterns, color, & safari are some of the trends for the season.


YSL Tribute Platform Sandals... I love the look of this shoes. Over the last three season they have updated the look of the tribute heel and I believe it's personally a great investment. Remember cheap shoes wear faster and well crafted shoes are an investment

And because I can't quiet get enough of basics I want add some deep v-necks from American Appreal & DVB jeans