"Fabulosity: What It Is and How to Get It"

Okay, If you know me you know I have never really been a "babyphat" type of girl and probably never will be. On the other hand though I belief Kimora is doing great things and achieve to new heights, but that line of clothes is not for me. I was looking at her "High End" line that she recently shown and I am loving it.

Pieces from the KLS line. Its simple and there is no damn CAT!!!

In previous post I mentioned how I loved her show. Well, yesterday during a BN trip I decieded to hit up her book. And I give it rave reviews. I only got into second chapter and this women is powerful beyond measures. She makes you feel self assure and helps make the inner goddess in you shine.

There is a part in the beginning when she discuss staying positive and not letting negative flow cause it will defer you from the real you. And she says say things that will uplift you. In the book there is a line that states "I am a gucci sandal wearing, paparizzi attracting, multi company owning woman!" and I love that line and that is what I am saying to myself every morning

I will be purchasing this book and telling everyone women to get it. It really felt like we were having a heart to heart about my life in the first 28 pages....

I might go see how Goddess smells....