"If you're gonna buy caviar, make it beluga"

Okay, I was reading one of my fave blogs The Fashion Bomb and my thought from earlier where transcribed on her page... She did a Style File on Kimora Lee Simmons and her very own top ten too.

So, I told you I was reading her book and i am going to give you some notes from the book... But please go the book so you can get a real feel for the book.

Law 1
"If you're gonna buy caviar, make it beluga"

Grand Aspiration Theory

1. High aspiration breed frustration.
2. Frustration breeds motivation.
3. Motivation pushes you to action-whether you take tiny baby step or huge strides.
4. Actions breeds confidence; you start to feel in control.
5. Confidence is cumulative: Once you start acquiring it, you get more and more of it.
6. Soon enough, you prove to yourself that you're a star who can surmount any obstacle and achieve with your life. You're on a roll

Kimora states that "if a person never wishes for more rewards and better quality of life, she is being complacent."

I agree with Kimora. Why would you want to stay complacent... why not grown and spread your wings. Every dream deserves a try. The reason she believes in aspiration is because she doesn't really believe in "fairy godmothers, "lucky breaks" and "men on white horses". And to a certain degree neither do I. I remember Oprah said that "lucky + preparation = opportunity" and that is true but at the same time in the world we live in you have to make things happen yourself. Yes, people are willing to help you, but no one can help you better achieve your goals other than you cause you know them the best

Law 1 focus is letting you know that you have an inner Goddess that you need to let out. She describes how she lets Ming Lee pronounce what princess she is everyday regardless. Be who want but do it your best ability and be you.... She also discuss how frustration and fear are useful things that make her change things in her life.

Finally she ends the chapter with Kimora's guaranteed top five confidence tips
  1. Never say never. Banish words that are negative "can't" , "won't" and "don't". Negative thoughts will manifest if you believe them
  2. Fake it 'til you make it. Basically tell yourself that you are great even when there is a part of you doubting it.
  3. Trust there's a reason that you are there, not someone else. You were chosen for a reason so don't second guess yourself and speak up. They didn't pick you to a quiet mouse. Show them they value your opinion
  4. Believe other people's confidence in you, even when you don't believe it yourself. If they believe in you, why shouldn't you believe in yourself.
  5. Choose your company wisely. Confidence is contagious. Keep positive people around you, people that stay focus and on the right track are the best to be around instead of people who are breeding negativity
Finally she says " Shoot for the moon, and even if you fail, you'll be some where amongst the stars"