What happen to Artist Development?

Okay... I love music more than some people love themselves. And I have gotten to point where I don't listen to the radio or watch music video's because I feel that anyone can be a "artist". What happen to the great musicians of our time, have they died or just went into hiding. Cause the crap Def Jam, Sony, J records, Zomba,Universal, and etc are putting out is crap. I was looking at Def Jam's long list of artist and i would only say a handful are true musicians with a talent. The rest can hold a note and look cute. What the HELL happen to artist development stage before an artist came out. I understand you need club bangers and all but give me a break. Lip gloss, A bay bay, by the hand needs some work. Go back into the studio and do some real music. Artist always say they are influenced by the greats and then you hear their shit and you be like I hope Stevie didn't inspire that crap. I think artist should fight to write their own songs or at least right about things that are meaningful... cause hearing about Ho's, money and cars is boring. That's the stuff that was hot when Cash Money came out TEN years ago.

UPDATE: TI and his alter ego TIP sold 500K in the first week and they are on the TOP of the Billboards. While my fellow Houstonian only sold 85,000....yikes... WTF that's all I am gonna say. I love MZ. Kelly and her album, but I have been banging TI. VS. TIP... I love all 19 tracks... and not that many artist can have you listen to an album all the way through... loves me some TI

I so LOVE TI... and I pray that we get him for homecoming...If we don't when he hits the road believe I will attending concerts in New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and of course ATL... I love him