As of right now Im lost without you....

Literally. i never thought in my life a man could ever take up so much of my time and heart. I never really had boyfriends I have had 3 in my life time. Yeah only 3 maybe cause im a really picky. And i have only been in love once. I use to say "I love you" cause they said it but it i didn't know what it actually meant until i meet him. There was a bond from the start that hasn't changed. Some times we are mad and hate each other, but 98% of the time we love each other. Like the other day he came by my job and i meet him down stairs in his car. we hugged like 5 times cause we never see each other, but its like we know when to let go of each other. Its like i can think of him and he calls or texts. I really don't know. i say i want to move on and let go but im lost without him in my life. I literally LOVE him, no matter what he does to make me cry or whatever i still love him. I lose my train of thought when i think about him. This weekend was alow for us in so many ways. I migh write about it later but as of now. it will make me cry my eyes out. Im sad now cause he has someone else. He loves someone else. His mom meet her... im crying go to go