me and my rhymes

Have I ever expressed how much I LOVE MUSIC and LOATHE people who don't!!! Sorry im constantly blasting my ipod!!! You can't stick me with a general genre. I LOVE everything.

Im not big on commerical tracks they are for the general public so they will buy the album. Im the person who listen to a song over and over so i can get the real meaning behind it. I like the tracks that should be singles but aren't because they aint commerical.

Right now I am in love with Kanye West's mixtape... Hater family is so genius and I just like this is my anthem... cause I have more haters than footlocker has shoes...LOL...I think all the HATER's shuld start a family support group...

Albums im getting

T.I TI vs. TIP

Kelly Mz. Kelly

Chris Exclusive

Kenna Make Sure They See My Face

Sum 41 Underclass Hero

Kanye Graduation

Linkin Park Minutes To Midnight

I really love music. I wish I could sing or play the guitar!!!