Im tired by Raechelle Forrest

My friend Raehelle wrote this yesterday and i felt like letting other people read it cause it needs to be read

Okay this is going to be really short because im at work.

Im tired...

Im tired of sistas bashin sistas because of something they dont or do have.

Im tired of brothas being pathological liars; saying any and everything possible just to make you THINK "he may be the one", "he'll do better next time", "he'll be a real man once we're married", "he'll stop abusing me when i have his baby". ARE WE SERIOUS LADIES???

Im tired of sistas getting government assistance because they think its cool and not because its necessary. tired of these baby daddies being the cause of their baby mamas getting on welfare. Then when the government gives them a place to stay, the brothas move in illegally and act like they runnin the place. IM TIRED OF SISTAS ALLOWING THAT TO HAPPEN!

Im tired of fake friends, and trifflin associates.

Im tired of brothas approaching every single female like she is a piece of meat...and when she actually has enough common sence, confidence, and intellect to let him know she is the elite... he dogs her, curses her out, calls her out of her name. WHAT?

AND...Im tired of these "new aged" sistas thinking that its cute for a brotha to treat her as such!!!

Im tired of these parents who are not parenting.

Im tired of these pimps disguising themselves as preachers.

Im tired of these fake, hypocritical, protocal rehearsed, gossip worshipers, wanna-be first ladies, missionaries, preachers, bishops (anyone who's in power) church folk who make it sooooo hard for a sinner to come to Christ.

Im tired of grown women and men who never GROW UP!

Im tired of a lot of things...too much to list. These are just my thoughts. Its crazy what you come across everyday. We must stay prayerful.


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