I love music

To be excat i think i would die if i didn't have music to listen to!!! I stayed up until like 1 ish just listen to music!!! It makes me happy, sad joyful and every other emotion you can think of...

I everyday I get a peace of mind thinking about how much easier it is to be single and not have to think about someone else other than yourself and your family... I getting abother dog. His name is gonna be maverick or mavy... im a dallas mavericks head..LOL

My all time favorite song is overjoyed by stevie wonder... I want this song to be my first dance with my husband if i get married...

I also love Amel Larriuex "No Else"

Im going to have her sing at my wedding..LOL Her cd morning is awesome. She is awesome!!!

Life in general is awesome. I am happy about alot of stuff and back in the day not even back in the day i was hating mmy life. Hating myself. I had a horrible eating problem for like 4 years 8-11 grade of high school. I was constantly execrising and only eating salad. and if i didnt eat salad i ate maybe once and had alot of water. I walked my dog two times a day for like 3 1/2 miles... and the funny thing is now i realize i wasn't fat or anything it was people... the standards of being skinny!!! Today i was in the car and i realized you can feel my joints. where the bones actually connected. Now i am skinny not because I choose to but cause thats my DNA map. I eat myabe 5 times a day and still way no more than a buck (100 lbs). I never want to be in that state of my mind where people's thoughts of how i should look or act effected me!!!

I want to go to a concert. Im going to essence but i want to go to another concert!!!

I have no other thoughts. Actually i do but they are running a mile a minute in my head!!! and i can't concentrate on one ....