letting go

i dont wanna think about the way we used 2 touch
i dont even wanna think bout the first time we made luv
and i swear babe, im tryna figure it out, Y my mind won't block u out
ur gone now, and its tearin me apart, tearn me apart
and eveytime, i see u out with ur girl it hurts inside, not having u in my world
I try to hide

how do u stop ur heart from sayn yes
when ur mind is sayn no
and every step u take to move on
the memories haunt even more
and u kno its gonna burn
but u dont even have a choice
at this point the only thing left to do is let go

boy i try to front like im so over you
but u can look me in my eyes n see the pain im goin through
and oh boy
im jus tryna take it a day by day
and oh boy
im so sick of feelin this way

I jus need this closure in my life
but everyday it seems as if im looking the wrong way
im tryn to move on with my life
but my heart is telling me to stay
Boy why oh why am i feeling this way
my heart beats for you n my love runs so deep
but my mind is telling me he saids over please leave