just writing

the day i realized it was over
was the day you wouldn't say i love you
there was someone else laying in your arms
you found the girl who was gonna be your world

boy my heart is broken
i can't even cry because im all torn up inside
you were my first love and the one i wanted to love
i seen our future and now its just a blur in my mind

Why did i let myself fall so deep in love
i dont regert loving you or being apart of your world
i do feel shamed for trying to hold onto something that was never mine

you always got you but never really got me
I was there for you a hundred percent plus twenty more
You asked and i leaped to please you
but boy its over and i realize i have to get me
once and for all

Im not saying we can't be friends
but these feelings i have for you must leave
i can't keep crying every night over what could been
i never thought i wouldn't be your babe but sometimes
you just got let go

We aint meant to be as of this moment
and its like i wanted to say its gonna be Gods will
but i think he did once and and seen we aint meant to be
im not doubting him

but my feelings must leave
i never thought you wouldn't stop saying i love you
or missing me or calling me babe
but everything happens for a reason
and only god knows whats meant to be