Kanye West's LV kick prices

I told ya'll he was on some other shit... nobody wanted to believe me... Talking about "I am gonna get me a pair of Ye's shoes from LV they aint gonna be expensive"...hahaha got ya. You better get those Nike Ye design cause those were made with your price in mind not really but this kicks are for somebody trying to be flashy not a real sneaker head...

There are three models in Kanye West's Men's Sneaker Collection, they're the Don's (presumably named after Kanye West himself, or after his manager Don C), Jasper's (named after Kanye's barber), and Mr. Hudson’s (named after the GOOD Music artist and 808 collaborator of the same name).

The prices are as follows:
  • Don's - $870 - $960
  • Jasper's - $990 - $1140
  • Mr. Hudson's - $840

pic via I LVOE LV & you can see more there...


LMAO said...

No! Those look like Nike Air Force 1's!! Aren't the Nike version like $80?? So, let's add an extra $100 for using the "LV" name and another $100 fro using Kanye's design. That's means that those shoes shouldn't be more than $300*... tops!!

*Note: I added an extra $20 per shoe for Kanye to spend on Amber shopping:) See how thoughtful I am??

Miss S said...

Is he crazy?! No, Thank You! He can keep them or tell Amber and her GF's to rock'em! LOL!