Pharrell & the other two guys

I just wanted to post a picture of my man Pharrell.. He was in the studio with Adam from Maroon5 & Usher... I want that BBC beanie too. Oh i thought P was having that surgery to remove the tats.. me likey the tats so they should stay.

snatched from CL


Kari B. said...

I just researched the procedure he's using. It sounds a lot easier than my freshmen Geography teacher. He'd have some skin w/ the tat cut then they'd pull his skin back together. Once it healed they'd cut more skin w/ tats and pull it closed then sew it back together. He forced us to look as a scare tactic. He got his in his 20's in the navy and they looked so dated. I guess it worked b/c I want some ink but I can't think of anything I wouldn't get sick of.