Man Essentials

Splendid Mills Thermal

Is an LA based company that has enhanced the perfection of the thermal. With most thermals its an underneath shirt that gets thrown around more than a football. But with these bright, color hues, & designs you might as well slip a Hanes tshirt under your new Splendid Thermal and get ready to mingle.

Burkman Bro's Clothing Company

Burkman Bro’s are group of brothers that left their post at the Gap to launch Burkman Bros in the fall of 07. The company is heavy on the plaids, khakis shorts, hoods and the checker. The look is very laid back but with the fashion forecast for now. Lets just pray they don’t have a mass production os khakis shorts like A&F. (they reuse the same ones over & over each year)

Five Guys Burgers & fries

Is a Virgina based fast food chained that plans to open 1,500 new restaurants in the next decade. This year alone they are opening 175. This is truly one of the best burgers you will eat in your life. Did I mention the mound of fries that you can get. Or the fact when you are waiting for your burger & fries you can eat the free peanuts that are located all around the restaurant. Go to Five Guys to find your nearest one to you.