Get her look...

Ashley Olsen was spotted rocking a biker chic looking while out running errands. I am really loving the look. It is basic beyond belief. The ensemble includes a

  1. 1. Black Leather Bomber Jacket
  2. 2. White Basic Tee shirt
  3. 3. Black leggings
  4. 4. Black heels with buckles on the side
  5. 5. Black Aviators
This look gives so much but at the same time it gives you. I just rolled out the bed and throw this on. I am all about effortless chic ...So lets get it her look.

Fred Flare at ShopStyle


boom said...

Saw you posted on my blog, so I came over here to check it out. But, I must ask since you appear to be a fashion guru: what do you think of the Dior 80/s glasses model 807YS. Check em out. I've been considering them for quite some time!

Alexa ;) said...

I'm loving this Tee:) I'd like to get a jacket like that...but, I'd only get to wear it 10 days out of the year living down here:(