Trisha R. Thomas is the author of Nappily Ever After. The book is slated to be turned into a movie starring Halle Berry & to be released in 2011. I first read Nappily Ever After almost two years ago and I got hooked. There was a second book that I didn't know about maybe that's why I was confused when I read Nappily Married...LOL

Venus Johnston has only one goal to be engaged and married to her soon to be doctor boyfriend. When he brings home a puppy instead of the diamond ring she'd pointed out several weeks before, she's devastated. She kicks him out and discovers the truth about herself. The best part is when she goes into the salon and does a transformation!!!

Venus engaged in Would I lie to you, but no closer to the altar. Venus meets Jake Parson, ex-rap artist turned successful business man, and quickly falls into a steamy affair. An unplanned pregnancy, her mother's bout with cancer, and her fiance's mysterious disappearing acts opens Venus's eyes giving her the power to finally make the most important decision of her lifetime.

Blessed with a beautiful baby daughter and a husband who is a former rap star with his own multi million dollar clothing company, Venus has finally gotten what she's asked for. But life as a stay home wife and mother is hardly the end of the rainbow. In fact, she's ready to do anything to jump start the career she's put on the back burner for the last two years. Against her good sense and her husband's wishes, she applies for a high profile PR job to help save a struggling hospital manned by none other than her former boyfriend, Dr. Clint Fairchild, the very one who dumped her and married Kandi Treboe. This time competition between she and her old nemesis turns into a battle Venus is determined to win by any means necessary. With an unhappy hubby at home, a nanny who's becoming uncomfortably close with her husband and child, and a deviant at work sabotaging the hospital, Venus may have taken on much more than she can handle.

Hoping to get off the emotional rollercoaster their lives have become, Jake and Venus decide to move from Los Angeles to Atlanta for a fresh start. In their pretty southern digs their idyllic life immediately takes a detour when a late night phone call reaches them from the past. Faith, love, and forgiveness are at the heart of this new installment. Venus is in for the biggest fight of her life.

I am wondering since I skipped one of the book should I go back and read it even though I know how the series ends??? ALL the 3 books I read were are AWESOMELY great. I wonder why the second the book didn't have a "Nappily" in the title

Are you part of a book club? If so, what are ya'll reading?


T-Charry said...

Nappily Ever After & Would I Lie to You...GREAT READS!!!!