TrashBagAesthetics Fourm

Hey Ladies & Gents,

Well, as many of you know I love blogging but I love reading blogs even more. During this Hurricane Ike stuff my lovely friend at TrashBagAesthetics finally finished her forum for her blog. If you never read TrashBagAesthetics, I am going to say you are missing out on one the hottest blogs in the game right noe. I know alot of us love gossip, but Tara is far from that. She brings you really fashion straight out the streets of the NYC. So, what was a girl to when she got so many questions and built a HUGE fan basis. Start a forum where all of us women could get together and discuss anything and find the lastest prada at the same time. So, head over to TBA Forum and get to mingling.

Ps. I am moderator... YAY