Ne-Yo "The Year of the Gentleman"

Ne-Yo is known for the songs he has penned for various artist such as Rihanna "Umbrella" to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable". But he has two hit albums under his belt and is given us The year of the Gentleman.

To be quit frank I was not a fan of Ne-Yo from the start... I am still wary of him. He is talented song writer and he always makes you feel like he wrote them just for you. Its just I don't see him as an sing sensation. I see him as a songwriters and vocal arranger. All his albums remind me of old school Motown. Which I truly love but sometimes you want an artist to venture to a different genre. Shake things up and make you wonder what they are going to do next.

The introduction to The Year of the Gentleman was "Closer" was lackluster at best then he came back with "Miss Independent" I truly love the song because its empowering to me a women and to be recognized that we are own women can do our own things.

All in all, The Year of the Gentleman is has some great tracks and if you want to listen soothing ballads this album will do it for you. The lyrics are great and there is no question about that cause he is phenomenal writer, but that's all I really say about the album. Furthermore, this is not an album where you can listen the whole way through. I skip around and found this notable tracks to recommend: Closer, Mad, Why does she stay, Miss Independent.


Ed The Sports Fan said...

probably gonna purchase that ne-yo album here soon, but he is slept on, i was just reading something where dude hasn't gotten a cover since he came out mainstream. dude is hella talented even though he's been gunning on chris brown and other songwriters, but let him do what he do, just keep creating that baby-making music!


T-Charry said...

His new single "She Got Her Own" (Miss Independent Remix) ft. Jamie Foxx & Fabolous, I been on it for a good 3 weeks's a BEAST! Saw the video today, and it is officially my favorite song, FOR NOW =)