Living Healthy: Soothe & Strength muscles

This week in Living Healthy series we will be discussing how to soothe, strength and work those muscles out.

Tee: What are some workouts a person can do to tone their arms & legs?

Dee: Yes, and these exercise depend on your fitness level. First throw the term tone out. Its a stupid marketing word people use to make money. If you want to be tone you want to have more lean muscle mass and decrease fat mass. So first you need to look at you diet, and start some form of cardio activity. Next if your a beginner in the weight room your workout so use light weights not to tone but to build a strong base for further strength training. The simply exercises are often the best. Squats, bench, rows, chin-ups, sprinting, and crunches. After a few weeks of lifting light, your body should be ready to pump it up to 75-85 % of your max for most of your exercises.

Tee: What works can you combined to tone several areas at one time?

Dee: First lets throw out the word tone. So you want complex exercises to work more muscles. Try Squat rows instead of seated rows. Olympic lifts like snatches, power cleans, Deadlifts are great exercises also.

Tee: What is the training frequency for individual muscles?

Dee: One to two days of recovery depending on how hard your intensity is on that muscle group. Remember bigger muscles are stonger then smaller muscles. ei (chest vs triceps)

Tee: What are some good workouts when in the pool?

Dee: Swimming in the pool is good itself especially if your a bad swimmer. Having poor swimming form means you expend more energy trying to get from Point A to point B. Good swimmers have to stay in the water longer to expend the same amount as a bad swim if distance is the equal on both. Also taking up water aerobic class help.

How do you relieve muscles soreness?

Dee: The best way is to stretch! Whatever muscle group you did for your workout that day, you should stretch those muscles. Also preforming some warm-up like a light 5-10 min jog will help to warm up those muscles prior to lifting. Stretching should be done after workout as research has shown no benefits to stretching muscle before. In addition (bias opinion here) I work as a massage therapist also so spa work (not the fluffy stuff) can help out. Make sure you ice areas that may be of concern for muscle soreness. STAY AWAY FROM THE HEAT after workouts. Your first week in the gym you will be sore. It is called DOMS. Delay Onset Muscle Soreness. Keep lifting and this will go away. If you stop, It'll happen ever thing your body faces a new physical challenge.

Tee: Are their certain shoes a person should wear when training?

Dee: You want to wear shoes that have ankle protection if lifting weights. Flip flops are a no no in the gym. You don't need expense shoes.