I rarely download music and when I do I can go to itunes because of legalities and I ain't trying to do jail time because I wanna jam some music. Well, if you don't have the spare change for your favorite artist maybe you should visit spiral frog. I discovered this website by reading about it on another website. I first thought how can I REALLY download for free and not worry about the FBI banging at my door. So this is what Spiral Frog had to say:

SpiralFrog is an ad-supported Web site. We sell ads on our pages to advertisers who want to talk to you. And we give the majority of that advertising revenue to the music publishers and labels who own the music you're downloading.

Most of our song and video downloads take a short, consistent amount of time to complete, during which we encourage you to keep discovering new areas of the Web site. Every page you visit allows us to serve more advertising, thus building the revenues we can pay to the content creators.

We do NOT ask you for a credit card. But we do ask for your time and attention. And, for that, we thank you…

I am going to dare and say so go download from their 800,00 song available... and they have current artist such: Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Solange, M.I.A, & Mary J Blige and just to name a few