Living Healthy: Getting Fit

Happy Morning Monday...

As many of you know I have decided to add features to the blog other than random post that come to my mind. I know the summer is almost over but everyone should live a health life to standard that makes them happy. These post will help you sort though things to start that journey. I have enlisted my older brother to help me with the weekly features. The post will be an interview style, so if you have any questions feel free to email me and I'll ask him.

Hi My name is Demetrices Robinson. I am tasha's older brother and I also have a little sister named Keisha. Here is all my information about me that will give you some insight on why I can give you this advice

  • Graduated of Angelo State University 2004
  • Major in Kineioslogy & Psychology
  • License Massage therapist.
  • Personal Trainer Since 2003
  • Finishing master Degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition this fall.
  • Former ASU Recreation Facility manager
  • Former Poineer Hall Recreational Project manager
  • Former Poineer Hall Aquatic manager.
  • TA for Kinesology Dept of TWUStrength Coach for TWU Woman's Basketball team
Tee: How often should a person workout?

Dee: Depends on your goals. A novice is going to see gains from any workout plan no matter how well or poorly desing the program is for them. For the beginner Lifting weight twice a week in a full body rountine is a good way to start along with a moderate cardio program( jogging atleast 45mins) 5 days a week. Also you should change your workout plan as often as every 2 to 3 months. To prevent boredom and also to make adjustments to your strength gains.

Tee: When getting in shape does it matter if your a female or male when it comes to results?

Dee: Yes certain hormone levels in males gives them advantages in being in shape, but you still have to put the work in your exercise program to get there.

Tee: Do you have any tips for people who have fell of the train??

Dee: Simple get up and hop on the next train. Try different methods of exercises till you find a few that you like. Talk to people who are knowlegdable experts in their fields about your goals and any limitations that you may have to exercise.Also invite your friends to join you and bring music. Let your strength in numbers motivate the team to achieve your goals.

Tee: Do people need to invest in a gym membership or the expensive work out equipment?

Dee: You dont need to invest in a super gym membership or buy expensive workout equipment to get in shape. Honestly if you have legs you can sprint/ jog/walk and jump. If you have arms you can do push ups pull ups, extensions and flexion exercises. Go to your local library and checkout a body in the Kinesiology section on exercise design. If you learn the movements of the muscle your sure to adapt every day movements such as baby press for the shoulders(actually pressing a baby in the air) Chair dips, Sprints to the mailbox and other crazy things that will have your neighbors wondering if they should call a therapist for you.

Tee: When working out what kind of fluids can a person have?

Dee: Ok now we are starting to get serious. If you or worried about fluid consumption during exercise here what you need to know. First during exercise the more intense you activity and longer in duration the more calories your going need in your drink. So for you 30 min to 45 min walkers water is fine. I'm not a fan of vitamin water, but if you pig out on fast food this would be a good way atleast get some nutrition vitamins in your system. First thing first if your have to decide over Poweraide or Gatorade, remember there is no university of poweraide commerical in SEC football! So Go Gators!! Propel should be used in moderate activity like jogging and light to moderate weight lifting. Gatorade is for more intense activities like basketball, footbal, and other demanding metabolic activities. I would recommend Acclerade for those after works bouts of heavy intense because of the protein and carbohydrates content. With both protein and carbohydrates you muscle in short will develop faster. Aerobic (jogging) activities suggest a 4 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein and anaerobic (sprinting)activities have suggested a ratio of 2 to 1.

Tee: Should people change work out session in the different session?

Dee: You should only change your workout session in the middle of your session if to prevent injury otherwise I leave my session plans alone and change them/update them at the end of the week. I have keep track of my workout programs since high school. 10 yrs. I have a nice folder of them in my room some where under a stack of papers. Anyway I update my workout routine weekly, but i dont change the exercise until i feel a need to vary them for a specific muscle reason or trying new ones out or just the equipment at a particular gym doesnt alot me the ability to preform my exercise routine.

Thanks for the Q & A time. Cant wait till next week batch!

***Disclaimer: Before starting any work out regime please seek a
physician to assess your limits and capabilities. ***