Living Healthy: Food Talk

This week will be discussing the questions you had about food, vitamins, going green and everything in between. So here are the questions of the week:

Tee: There are many different studies out now saying you don't have to follow the food pyramid anymore. Is that true and how do you feel?

Dee: Well there are many different food pyramids, but anyone of them is a good place to start for basic nutrition. I personally don't follow the pyramid or fad diets. As you from grouping up in the same house hold as me we ate a ton of veggies. Creating a well balance meal with fruits (F) and vegetable (V) should be your starting point. Learning about which F & V are in season and varies ways to prepare those F& V can also help. As for meats I usually go the chicken breast route, on occasions I'll eat dark meat. Low fat dairy products show be incorporated also. Easy shopping tip, shop on the outskirts of your grocery store. Those high processed food are in the aisles and those are what add tires to your body especially when you don't exercise. In short eat more F, V, less takeout, and most off all get out side and move!

Tee: What are good snacks for people on the run to eat?

Dee: Well depends on your goals, a bodybuilder probably going to snack on rice cakes, which i love the Brown rice unsalted unsweetened, probably not the one i know you love Tash. Anyway nuts are a ok choice so are carrots, raisins, frozen grapes or other fruits. Really for the average person your looking for something low in Kcals (low calories) and also low in sugar/fats.

Tee: Is there really a difference in the water we drink. Do you use a brita filter or drink bottle water?

Dee: Lol bottle water me! I grew up drink green yellow stripe water hose water. I don't care to much about water unless you live somewhere like Houston or Odessa then bottle water is a plus to drink. Factory cities usually have tons of minerals in their water that make that gritty taste.So if taste is an issue then you might want to try bottle water.

Tee: Why is fish so good for you?

Dee: Fish are a lean meat choice, and have a good source of healthier fats depending on the type of fish your eating most (white fish). Now just because you love fried catfish doesn't mean your doing great! Let's try this again how about baked salmon in vinegar with some rice pilaf, and broccoli.

Tee: Do you have a favorite recipe you want yo share with us?

Dee: Recipes are really my style. Having a army dad kind of made me eat like an army kid. So i tend to throw food together that i like and eat it. Baked potato with scrambled eggs and cheese. Breakfast: 1 1/2 cups (3 serving) oatmeal, 1 whole sliced bananas, generic crystal lite peach tea about 22 oz, 5 egg whites. That's slow start to a day, but because my activity has drop down from playing sport i need to adjust my eating habits.

Tee: How do you feel about whole foods and the farmer markets that are popping up everywhere?

Dee: Farmer markets are good places to grab snack hint hint! Make a field trip out bring all your friends, and of it plus you'll be supporting the local community!

Tee: Are you going green with your eating habits?

Dee: Huh? me going green I was green when it was cool to watch the Smurfs! Adjust you TV set little sis. I've always love veggies especially carrots. Some friends think I'm a vegetarian. Anyway combination of veggies and cooking styles is want help me to find things I love to eat. Make sure you try foods more then one time, and more then one way.

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