Mid week round-up

It might not be the middle of the week yet, but sometimes you need to catch up on what you missed... So here is you're Tuesday quick news break..LOL

Victoria Beckham graces Allure magazine... Looking great you can read tidbits at popsugar

Bag snob gives you a tour of the original Louis Vuitton House thru her eyes

Teyanna, Keri & Solange are gracing the cover of the August issue of Rap-Up.... you can also peep Nelly's cover and read tidbits over theybf
I see all three ladies doing great things in 08' in the music industry

Mary J. Blige looks great on the new issue of Vegas Magazine.... Inside the issue with the Sin City mag she talks about the music industries newest talent makers... more images & experts over at Crunk + Disorderly (but why the remove the scar & Mary's tat....???)

The Baby Phat & Phat Farm store in Soho has shut down its doors.

Keri Hilson really pulls a one-two punch with the video for her debut single "Energy" from her upcoming release In a Perfect World... [dot dot dot]. The video is really hot... it makes me wanted to go to gym and hit the punching bag. He male intrest in the video is played by Christian Keyes (he was in ashanti's video)