Website reviews

This week I wanted to bring you the HAUTEST websites to shop at or just to browse to find cool trends to bring to your closet. Throughout the summer I will be doing two different sites a week, plus I will bring you coupon codes to use on certain websites.


You might have seen their ads in the trade magazines or just a pop-up on one of your fave websites. Well, today i decided to actually go visit the website and see what all the hype was about. I adore this website a tad bit more than kitson, shopbop & net-a-porter, but net has awesome sales that I love. Well, CDT has a PLETHORA of dresses and that is my fave part cause that is one of the it items of the summer. Oh if you want to go organically grown CDT has your back too. *****


DASH is under the ownership of the lovely Kardashian sisters. I have been waiting almost a year and a half for this website to launch. The reason, Khloe, Kim, & Kourt are always saying the items they are wearing are from DASH.... Well, the website leaves you wanting more. I understanding they just launched it but it doesn't give me that... you know. The girls picks were kinda whack and so where the trend section. I will give them *** cause I like them but & the fact they just opened, but they need to get to work.

Next week I will do Ron Herman & Net-a-Porter. Both are having HUGH sales right now, so you might want to check them out.

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