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“As most people know, Darius is like a brother to me and we have been friends for many, many years,” he explained.

“It saddens me to see that someone with such talent and an extremely bright future, is allowing a woman who self admittedly has extreme psychological issues and no talent whatsoever (with the exception of her oral prowess) ruin his life by ways of her deception and deceit,” he added.

By no means am I insinuating that Darius is an angel,” Young noted. “He has his share of demons as well. However, his demons are personal, and he never intentionally sets out to harm people or destroy lives as any cost. I did not find it strange at all that Karrine called a member of the press (Perez Hilton) to leak this latest tale of abuse and drama,” he continued.

“Perez is one of a few members of the tabloid press she can call at any moment to leak a story (true or not). I now personally recall various times of which Karrine needed to be in the press for sheer attention sake, and she would make up a story, call her various “tabloid” reporter friends to give her press. She is addicted to attention and to the idea of being famous,” he added. “It seems to me the last thing a person would want is the tabloids in their life exploiting something supposedly so tragic.”

“What is hilariously sad, is that is who she ran to, to tell , “leak” her own tragic tale. I will say that she accomplished her mission and received all the press and sympathy she wanted … Karrine is doing her best to sabotage and ruin Darius career and life.”

>”It’s a sad day in America, when such a dark sick woman can manipulate the lives of so many people, and we honor her foolishness by reading it, watching it and talking about it,” he said, adding, “My grandmother always said, “If it don’t come out in the wash, it’s gonna come out in the rinse! Ms. Steffans’ rinse cycle is about to start!”

- - Norwood Young talks abouts Karrine Steffan’s abuse accusations against Darius McCrary

THIS was TO GOOD not to talk about.... i was dying laughing when i read it on crunktasical