Going green

Every where you turn people are becoming more aware of what the planet has been enduring for over millions of years. So, the call for green has been yelled over the loudspeaker and millions of individuals and thousands of companies are trying to do their part to make are Earth a better place to live. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon I have some simply tips below to help you get your feet wet.

1. Stop running water when brushing teeth or washing your dishes

2. unplug electronic devices when not using them, this conserves energy

3. When not at home push thermosat to a higher degree that way you will not be wasting it & your bill will not be that high. (don't turn on off because that increase your bill from turning off and on)

4. RECYLCE..... stop throwing away plastic bottles/bags & paper you can always put a pile together and at the end of the month take it to the Recycling center and get a couple of buck.

5. Cleaning products... A majority of cleaning products that American's buy have harsh chemicals in them that can make you sick and harmful to your environment. You can try using products that are biodegradeable, non-toxic, Chlorine & Phospate free and have no dyes. Clorox has a whole green line they added to their divison or you can try Methods

6. No more catologs or statements
Why keep recieving something that you do not look at or order out of. To make seeing your billing statement easier or paying your bills you can go online. A majority of banks offer online statements & bill pay it for FREE. For catologs you can visit this two websites to remove your name from unwanted list dmachoice.org or catologchoice.org

7. Organic or Local Food
I know going raw or vegging out is not on the top of the list for everyone but you still can eat a little greener by doing these little things. When you go shopping see if you can find organic or locally grown. Organic foods are really healthy and don't go through the same process as your other food. And if you can local that is better because the item didn't travel as far which means less emission produced & used. Try fresh food markets or whole foods

8. Support Green

If you already are doing the majority of the things listed above then why not support green business that feel the same way about mother earth as you do. To find a local business or company in your area you can go to coopamerica.org/pubs/greenpages

I hope this post on going green was helpful to you as it has been helpful to me. Try to be a little greener each day and you might inspire someone else. If you want more information about going green you can visit idealbite.com Next green topic will be on clothes... YAY.