Fabulosity tidbits

According from OMG on yahoo, Brad & Angie have spent approximately $140,000 at luxury baby boutique- petittresor for the new twin girls that should be delivered later on this month or later July. OMG source for this information is Rush and Malloy of the New York Daily News. They have a list of items that the couple supposedly got for the twins. And they would not confirm nor deny if they were having twin girls or fraternal set.

Are they aren't they that is the question that is perplexing many young female American's across the state. Kim and Reggie have been through every rumor you can think of as a couple, but it doesn't bring them down. Kim spoke to Usweekly about the rumors and clarified it for everyone wondering. She stated "That's definitely where we are heading," while at the tape of Celebrity Family Feud taping in L.A. You can read more about that on OMG and you can go to Kim's website to see what family had to face the Jenner-Kardashian. pic via kim's website

Lindsay has landed another job this week she will be the
official ambassador of Visa Swap 2008. . The fashion recycling program, held in London between June and July, asks people to donate their used, wearable clothes, shoes and bags. In exchange, donors will receive points, which they can use to buy other vintage clothing dropped off by other people. "The idea of swapping clothes, getting something for nothing and refreshing your wardrobe appeals to everyone" said Lohan, who has donated two pairs of Jimmy Choos, an Issa dress, and a Miu Miu bag of her own to the cause.