Good reads for the summer

I love reading because you can be in someone else life without having all the problems. Also, its a fun & you learn a plethora of new things. I LIVE at Barnes & Nobles. So, last Sunday I was there reading mags and picking up new books for the summer. I have complied a list of some good books I have already or starting to read for you to enjoy.

"On the line" Donna Hill
First, Ms. Donna hill is an Essence best author award winner and she has been writing great novel since forever. I have over 10 of them. She is addictive just like E. Lynn Harris. You can read up on her and the books at her blogspot. Here is a quick synopsis about the book. Joy Newhouse is a Dj for a radio station in Atlanta. Her show is basically about sex and everything else that you can think about when it comes to that. One day she is fired because of management. So, instead of sitting there bored she decided to write about her most scadluos stories. Thus causing some trouble when it comes out. So, it us a page turner.

"Celebuantes" Amanda Goldberg & Ruthann Happer
Okay, this book is these ladies first novel, but i will tell you this that you can't put it down. They had first had experience when writings this book thats why it felt so real when i read it. The book is about a family who's life evolves around Oscar night. The family is really not a family but at the end they sort of become a family. Trust its great.

"The Ex Debutante" Linda Francis Lee
Once, again I am a HUGE fan. I have read almost all ten of her books. She is from Texas she bases her stories on that. So, any southern girl knows about being a debutante. Well, Becky lives in a small town where everyone knows each other. She finally gets the chance to move and she moves all the way to BOSTON. One day her mother calls and she has to come home to help with her mothers 4th divorce. When she comes back home alot emotions come over about her leaving and the unresolved issues she had.

"Confessions of a shopaholic" Sophie Kinsella
Okay, Sophie has thirty billions books out, but this is the one that started them all. Also, the movie based on this book will becoming out late summer/fall. The book basically covers a women who works for a finical company that is broke from buying expensive goods. She is a label whore. In the book she writes the finical column that was the ironic part. But she goes through the whole book trying to figure out how to solve her problem. During that time she finds Mr. Right.

"Hollywood Girls Club" Maggie Marr
The best page turner of the year. The book follows a group of ladies friends as they work in the Hollywood industry and try to move up the company food chain. The ladies also have issues with their love lives and the people who are trying to destroy them. This book is basically Entourage the female version. And if I start talking about the book, I'll tell you the whole story. The second book is the works.

"The girls guide to kicking your career into gear" Caitlin Friedman & Kimberly Yorio
The title says everything you could be thinking. It was on the graduation table at BN and since I am a recent graduate I thought this book would be perfect. On a side note always do what makes you HAPPY not anyone. So if you love fashion stick to that and find what you in fashion. Don't go to law school to make others happy.