Bape store opening in LA

I HEART this pic I just like it...LOL

Nigo the founder of BAPE opened his LA store with all the stars. Just, so you know he has been the game for 20 years. Yes, 20. The best part of the opening for me was seeing P. I am obsessed with him, cause he is different and jams to a different beat... LOL. Oh yeah if your feeling BAPE, dont forget he started APEE a year ago and has under garment & ballet flats coming out soon. You can order clothes via internet or over the phone. Here is some pics from the event.

Fresh kicks & tees.... just how i like them

Everyone in the Star Trakk fam were there. I see you there TK (he is on Pharrell's skating team, you can check out his myspace. Oh the Glow in the dark tour is in full launch mode. The LA times has given it RAVE reviews.