Rachel Bilson clothing line with DKNY

Rachel contacted DKNY Jeans to express an interest in working with them, and that's how her junior line, Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans, came about. The collection will include 15 pieces when it launches in September, including button-down tops, sweaters, jackets, tees, dresses, and dark wash jeans in a black, white, and yellow color palette.

Rachel seems dedicated to her designs: "This line is my main focus right now," she said. "I can't draw at all, so I won't be doing any sketches, but I am learning to sew. I think it's important to know more about the whole process of making clothes."

She named the line for her grandmother Edie, and Rose, a close family friend, because she didn't want to use her own name: "I want people to see these clothes for what they are, not just another line designed by another celebrity," she said. "I want the line to be taken seriously." From these first looks, will you be taking it seriously?