My Purse III

Okay, I have not did a post on my purse content in along time. So, today I will give you pleasure of looking through my purse.

  • Black bag.... you can carry it your hand over throw over shoulder
  • hair brush.... I have like three in my purse cause my hair always gets in my face or tangled
  • LV make up bag... carries everything that helps enhances my beauty
  • Fendi sunglasses... thoses Flashing lights be blinding me
  • jumpdive.... I keep all my documents on there
  • Iphone...
  • tic tac's & obrtiz gum... keeping that breath fresh
  • Hello kitty pen & notebook... I always writing thoughts down or taking notes on something
  • Lotion & hand sanitizer...I LOATHE germs
  • keys... got to get around in the Volvo
  • Gucci wallet...
  • People style... I always have to keep up with the trends and forecast new trends

This is the content of my purse until I change purses or until add more stuff to it. I don't know why I have don't have small bags maybe because I need to keep alot stuff in there. You never know what you're gonna need in any situation, those the reason for the HUGE bag...LOL