New Years Fashion Resolutions

1. NEVER leave the house looking a hot mess. Even its to check the mail or get the trash. I come to believe that you should look your best no matter what. And so does my role model. So my hair will be done along with nails. And the outfit will have people wondering how I can look this great and look like I just got out of bed.

2. I am going to keep a jounral... not a diary, but a random thoughts soon as they pop into my head thing. And also to put clipping in and other things like that.

3. Fashion Upgrades
A. Buying a good pair of shoes....
This has never happen to me, but I have had the soles rubbed down or see the so-called leather rub away from my shoes. And for the fact that I really don't like heels, but everyone should have a good pair.

B. Stop letting friends wear fakes....

I can't stand the flea markets unless your are going there to find real finds. Not big on china towns or korea stores.. they sell fake stuff and it has poor quailty to it. I take my advice from the best Kiomra mentions in Fabuolsity: Don't buy fake luxury-brand pieces--the people you're trying to impress will know right away you got that Louis Vuitton on Canal Street. Go for unexpected middle pieces from middle-tier brands (the ones other women probably won't pick)

I plan on purchasing one of these L.A.M.B bag from Gwen line cause I think they are cute and really affordable

L.A.M.B. Notting Hill Bag

C. One status bag... and I have the perfect one in mind

The Balenciaga "The City" Bag
. Its really over sized. And everyone knows I love the big bags. I keep two pairs of sunglasses, pens, combs, Evian spray, iphone, wallet, check book, fiji water and magazines. I really want it in black cause it goes with every thing. But this yellow is fierce

D. Big ticket items.... not gonna happen in the 08
As you can see above, I've made some pretty big wardrobe investments this year. At this point, I no longer need to spend a grip on wardrobe essentials; my focus should be small, inexpensive items to complement what I have. I promise, this year, I'll shop more vintage, more Forever 21, and spend less than $100 on any one item. You don't have to spend a ton to have great style.

4. Yoga & gym
Okay.... yes I am skinny but I am not in shape. So, I am going to actually use my gym membership to Bally's and I am going to use the Yoga center by my house. Whats the point of being cute but not being in shape.

5. Start saving more... I have saving and investments but I need to do more.... Whats the point of having all these great stuff but have no money to my name.