T.I... need I say more

T.I recently did an interview with Kanye West for Complex Mag. I read the mg yesterday. why did it feel like there was tenison between them. You know how must people laugh and say funny shit... this interview read as Kanye and T.I didnt mesh very well. That's my opinion though. It might've been funny as hell.

Kanye West: I wanted to come and interview you on some fashion shit because you got the crown, you killin’ shit. What do you think of the whole all-over-print hoodie craze?

T.I.: I think when properly applied, it’s effective, but you got to do it in moderation. Anything where there’s too much logo and too much of a pattern, too overly done, it can be over saturated. If you do one, it better be the best one out.

Kanye West: What designers do you fuck with?
T.I.: I’m classic American - Purple Label, Brooks Brothers. If I really want to step out, I do some Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, of course, Gucci. Ferragamo do their thing…It depends on my mood.

Kanye West: Do you believe in wearing sandals on vacation?
T.I.: I wear flip-flops with socks all the time. That’s my airport apparel: Louis flip-flops, fresh pair of socks, and sweatpants. I don’t oppose sandals on vacation, I just do it my way.

Kanye West: I love gray. I kill the gray American Apparel T-shirt. I wear that more than a white tee now.
T.I.: White tees are one thing but that natural gray, that’s another nice color.

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