My Purse

I have a plethora of purses. I love them. Its my life in a designer bag. My first"Purse" entry will be my Louis Vuitton. I got it at estate sale almost 3 years ago. I paid $50!!!!

1. Fendi sunglasses
2. iphone
3. hair brush
4. Matt and Nat wallet
5. camera
6. Neosporin

I have had my fendi glasses for 2 years now LOVE them. iphone was my birthday gift and its AWESOME. I am a MAC girl. Hair Brush... my hair gets tangled... DUH. My wallet is Matt and Nat. I got it from my fave store Rocksnknots. Camera cause people and Baton Rouge can't drive. So, If I get into a wreck I have proof. Neosporin ..... i fall alot...LOL