Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane

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Okay... I was probably the last to know about Ms. Kimora's new show. Well, last night I watched it on E!. First, she is fab even when she is working out with her Yogi. Did u catch that make up with no drip of sweat. She is very fit as we can see. Her show is a pretty good "reality show", but I can see that its not all the way real. I can see she is a pleasent person, but I don't know I feel that there is so fake in the funk for the camera's. But one thing you can tell...

1. She has a MEAN shoe & purse game
2. LV is her best friend when she travels
3. She is FAB all the time
4. Her kids don't know the word NO!!!

I will continue to watch the show until the last episode. It gives me another show to watch.... And her Fabness is what I want so I have to see how I can step my game up.... The Hills, Run's House are really the only reality show's I watch and The Hills don't count no more cause I am beginning to think that's prescripted just like the Ozzy show was...