Kanye grace Complex and interview by Marc Ecko

M: Our entire lives, white folks have copied black trends, from fashion to music. And now we’re in this moment where it seems like things have flipped, with black kids dressing like hipsters and bikers. What happened and where is it going?
K: Style just keeps changing, and that’s what it is right now. What is the true take on hipster? Why do hipsters like the most gangsterest of the gangster rap music? What is the reason behind that? I think it’s a little racist. But it’s equally as racist as why we like the movie White Chicks.

M: Speaking of white chicks, what is it with you and porn? Page Six had it that you had some bag with interracial porn. Is black-on-blond
really the thing? And why don’t you just get down like me and just order it in a hotel?

K: Because you can’t, um—

M: Just for the record, all of my porno is all straight black.
K: OK, and it should be, I mix it up. [Laughs.]

M: [Laughs.]
K: Straight black.

M: Like Big Booty 3.
K: Because that’s what you need. You need a little ignorance on the porn—

M: What’s up, why were you carrying these videos? You’re a superstar, just fuckin’ $19.99 that shit at the hotel on Pay-Per-View.
K: Because you can’t fast-forward, you can’t have it when you want it and shit like that.

M: Put it on your laptop. Have your intern make a Quicktime file. That’s what I do. And I have it deep within some really dark folder on the computer that my wife would never find. You know, like, “pp444322,” deep within Photoshop.
K: Yeah, I do that, too. But I appreciate the experience of going to purchase it.

M: When you lost your virginity, was there music playing in the room? Or on the Ferris wheel or wherever you lost your virginity?
K: It was in my room and I make music in my room, but—

M: That might explain your micromanagement. Did you lose your virginity listening to your own beats? [Laughs.]
K: Nah, nah, I didn’t.

M: You don’t remember what song was playing?
K: Nah, it wasn’t really about a song, it was about this great set of titties.

M: Man, I had those, too. But I also had Stevie B. [Laughs.] I’m Jersey, man. I can’t help myself.
K: These titties were some of the best I’ve ever seen because her areolas were so wide. [Laughs.]

Jacket by MCQ-Alexander Mcqueen Shirt by Alexander McQueen

This was my fave pic

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