Who am I...

I never introduce myself. I just started writing and writing some more. Well, I am me and your wondering who that might be. Tasha Sanchelle. I never really tell people my middle name. But I go by Tasha Sanchelle more than ever. I embrace my name now

General Information

Single parent home: My DAD is AWESOME, and I love that he raised me. I am a better woman because of him. I have an older brother names Dee and a little sister names Keisha.

I really don't have memories of my mom other than she use to call me "princess 1" and my sister "princess 2"

Jay-Z is my fave lyricist. And that will never change. Always be my; Sunshine, Where I'm from, Luicfer, Regerts, Never Change, Lucky Me, heart of the city are some of my fave songs, but I have EVERY record. he is so deep and he relaxes me. Reasonable doubt is the best album....

I love being at Barnes and Nobles. If I am not answer my cell its cause I am in BN relaxing getting away from everyone.

I have an obsession for reading. I read alot. I do a summer reading list. Corny I know, but it works for me. I don't know who said it, but they said if you want to keep a secret from a black person keep it in a book!!! And that is so true in so many ways. Other than me.... I buy books

A voice can soothe me. I know its weird but i feel when the man I love and that I will bond with forever will be the voice that will soothe me. I have panic attacks alot. So, to be calm is understatement. I need to be soothe. So a real humble voice can soothe me. (I have only meet two people to soothe me with there voice) (My dad and Jay-z) and I can't marry neither of them...LOL. Well, Jay and Bey might break up and then we can talk.

I don't depend on no man other than Jesus. he is the strength that I need to strive. he has my back 24/7. I belief love is 1 Corinthians 13:4-9. I thought I had that but I was wrong. So, know I really have a love other than my love to succeed so my dad can be proud of the girl he raised.

In the last month or so I have really embraced myself. I am my worse enemy. I love that I am small. (Calling me nicole richie or olive oil is just funny) I eat constantly and don't gain a pound. Maybe that's cause I go run the lakes.... I love my small. I love that I dance like a "white girl". I think its funny that people think I am rich cause I know how to take care of my money and take care of myself.

To add on the last note. I work two jobs!!! So that gucci, or LV you see me rocking is real cause I put in 45 hours in a week to afford it. I pay my own bills. No man shall ever say he does it. You can offer but I rather do it myself. I belief if you struggle you will love it better when you make it.....

Why i am single. It's a choice. Kinda....LOL. My last boyfriend that I thought was my nerve my everything didn't know the meaning of commitment. I have never cheated, but I have been cheated on by every man that I have let in my inner circle. So right now, I rather love myself even more, before I let another man in that ain't gonna do me right. Not every man is bad, but some are. I am always gonna be a good girl and no matter how horrible they treat me I will never turn sour and be a bad girl. I just believe God seen how I was walking with you and that's what matters in he is gonna bless me when I do meet the man he design just for me.

I graduate in 4 months!!! And all I know is that I will have a degree and I am going to Law school.

I really don't drink... it's bad for you. I drink green tea or evian water.....

Smiles... are everything.

I am musicologist.... LOL. I love music more than most people do.

I watch sports. Sportcenter is very informative. PTI gives you knowledge. And Tony Reali is hot that's why I watch Around the Horn... Sports calms me down. Its the one time you can yell and scream and cuss and everyone else around you is doing it too.