Waiting on the world to change...

As a child, I had the thought process that the world was great. That changed when I was 10 years old. I started seeing the world it wasn't as blurry as before. But I am a 21 year old really wanting world peace. I know its corny but to have the world at peace would relieve so much stress on a lot of hearts and minds....

1. AIDS for instance is a HUGE thing no matter where you live. I personally believe there is a cure for something such as this. The world has been through several dieases and have made it through, but i believe our government is just sitting back letting people die. Here is why i say this. Say you were the doctor that found the cure for AIDS/HIv you would be a trillonaire for the simple fact of how many people get infected in a year, a month, a week, a day, and in a second. Now look at our greedy ass goverment that spends nearly 4 billon on a war when have no business in. They are greedy individuals who don't want to let anyone else make a profit off of something like this. But it would be so humble an humane to just give away FREE!!!

Im not hating on anyone who has sex cause its a beautiful thing when done in the right fashion in form. But i am saying protect yourself if you are. KNOW your status. USE a condom. Don't let no male say he is to big for one cause their is no male that is. If you do have unprotected sex you need to know your status and your partners...

*At the end of 2003, an estimated 1,039,000 to 1,185,000 persons in the United States were living with HIV/AIDS, with 24-27% undiagnosed and unaware of their HIV infection.1

2. The WAR on Terrorism. First and foremost is pointless. Have you ever wonder why other country hate AMERICA it is because we are hypocrites (not everyone just a large majority of idiots) to the highest level. We say the land of the free and the home of the brave but we are FAR as HELL from that. They didn't even want to let AFRICAN AMERICAN people become citizens cause they saw us as DAMN property... We need to look in our own backyard before we try to hop into the Jones yard all the way in IRAQ... we spend to much money on shit we have no business in

*we have high poverty level
*we have horrible education system
*we don't even have a plan for freakin HURRICANES (look at what KATRINA did)
*we have people addicted to drugs/alchol and everything else
*we have a decfit...( Clinton cleared our decfit then we let that idiot GB into office for 8 years and has clearly put us back into debt but at a higher level)

3. EDUCATION. I am sick and tried of people saying i can't afford school or I am too dumb. First you are not dumb. NO one on this earth is. God created us in his image and if he can make this earth and everyone walking on it he must be brillant and so are you. Secondly, take you behind to a library and apply for scholarships there is millons of free money going to waste every year cause people don't use it. Did you know if you volunteer with america corp they pay a portion of your tution each year. How hard is to volunteer just so you can get a FREE education. Then there are scholarships at school, church and etc. Like my dad says a closed mouth doesn't get feed. For all you know there is an old lady at your church who wants to ensure a child goes to college. There are private loans and federal loans. People who give excues will be using them their whole lives when they fail..."I CAN'T" shouldn't be in you vocabulary... You should try your damnest before you say you can't and when it doesnt work that time try a new way. ASK for help. Finally I do agree with Dr. Bill Cosby on certain points stop buying your damn kids jordans when their report card is full of D's and F's. Get them a book and a tutor.